Saturday, 14 May 2011

One man's trash...

One man's trush another man's treasure... This could be easily applied on me. I simply love that special "trash day" in the town. the day when we pile up all the things we don't want anymore in the front of our houses so it can be collected by garbage truck.
The society of consumers throws really good stuff so, I use to make a round the streets of my town before the garbage truck picks them up. This is a gold mine to me. Please, don't laugh, my last catch were: a wooden coat hanger stand - the top was missing, but the bottom looked interesting having four small legs; a wooden chair - old, but in very good condition, and pitcher and bowl wrought iron stand.
The wooden coat stand is transformed into a small table. I needed a carpenter to make the top plate. The part from the hanger serves now as table leg. I painted both the chair and the table ivory and decorated it with decoupage technique. Now I have a nice garden set.

My next project is a small pergola that will be attached to one side of the shed.  I have bought the material today and the same carpenter that made the shed is now making the pergola. This is the last corner of my garden to design and plant and I am thinking of it as a private sitting area. I have already planted rambling rose 'Blue Magenta'; it will grow over the pergola eventually. I will surround it with shrubs and place this sitting set underneath the pergola. It will be a nice place to chat with my friends and have a cup of coffee.


  1. Prekrasan stolić i stolica, krasno si ih uredila Kalipso, bravo!
    Pusa iz Rijeke:)

  2. Kako sam oduševljena ovim stolićem i stolicom,prekrasno...takav stolić sanjam..stvarno prelijepo izgleda:)

  3. Hvala! Kad sam vidjela taj komad vješalice, koji sad služi kao noga stola, odmah sam znala što će iz njega ispasti. Namjerno sam ga ostavila oguljene boje. A stolac je u super stanju, da ne povjeruješ što sve ljudi bace!

  4. How delightful! You are very creative!

  5. I think you are very clever and creative! The set is really pretty!! Hooray for you!! :o)

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