Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Planting Courgettes

parsley seeds

My parsley did not germinated very well so I did the sowing the second time. This time I soaked the seeds in the chamomile tea before sowing. This tea is a natural antibiotic and prevents fungal diseases. And, the seed become larger by water inhibition and easier to sow. The same can be done with carrot seeds. 

I was always puzzled by the number of English words for members of one plant family - Cucurbitae;          courgette, squash, marrow, pumpkin, gourd... I never knew the difference between them and when to use a proper word. In Croatia we call them all tikva. Regionally, you might hear the words bundeva or misiraca, which originate from Misir, old name for Egypt, where the big orange pumpkins came from. But all the other kinds are called tikva.
Anyway, I sowed courgettes or zucchini a few weeks ago in small  pots to get the plants early and plant them out now when the weather became warm enough. I put four or five seeds into one pot and then left three best developed seedlings pro pot.
They will be the most happy growing on the compost heap. As they are hungry little fellows, I prepared a special bed for them this year.

Firstly, I dug up a 45cm deep hole and put some well rotten horse manure on the bottom. I mixed dug-up earth with compost and filled in the hole making a heap 20 cm above soil level. Then I planted the seedlings and watered well. Horse manure will slowly decompose producing the bottom heath as well as nutrients. Compost will provide additional amount of nutrients and keep the soil moist.
Courgettes love warmth so, plant them on a sunny spot. They are pretty vigorous plants and needs lot of space to spread their vines. I planted three group of plants which is more then I really need.
Straw is a good mulch to retain the soil moisture and keep the fruits off the ground where they might start to rot.
I harvest very young plants when they still have remains of the flower on and are soft. You don't have to peel them at all.


  1. The easiest way to grow parsley is to sow the seeds outside when the weather is still very cool and damp. Late winter, very early spring is the best time. The weather will keep the seeds damp and cold enough to allow them to germinate. You can expect them to start growing about a month after you sow the seeds. I do this every year and it works very well. The columbines in your other post are beautiful!!!

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