Thursday, 26 May 2011


May is the month when roses take over in the garden. There are many other perennials in bloom but roses have most prominent colours, flowers and scent.
One of most beautiful english roses I have is 'Abraham Darby'; tall upright bush, wonderful apricot colour and scent that spreads around. My has enormous big flowers and I simply admire it every time I see it.

'Double Delight' belongs to hybrid tea roses but it doesn't look so "artificial" as most hybrids do look to me. The flowers are rather big and scented and change the colour as they fade. The creamy white petals turn on cherry red on the edges and sometimes take over the whole petals.

'Don Juan', a beautiful red flowered climbing rose reached the window on the first floor of my house again.


  1. Ruža je moj najomiljeniji cvijet. Tvoje ruže su prekrasne,koje boje...divno!

    Pozdrav iz sunčane Rijeke:)

  2. Prekrasne su,ruže obožavam,u potpunosti imamo iste vrste ruža,miris ove Double Delight mi je poseban..veliki ti pozdrav!


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