Sunday, 22 May 2011

Vegetable Garden in May

The frost and a week of colder weather some time ago slowed down the growth of the plants both in ornamental and vegetables garden. But, the plants were not damaged so hard and they recovered rather well. 

Lettuce, kohlrabi, onion and radish mixed together; even the dill appeared. The ground is rather dry because it did not rained properly for weeks. We had a shower two days ago but the wind dries the soil quickly. I covered the most of the beds with grass clippings but had not enough for the entire veg garden. I water the garden every evening.

Courgettes germinated quite quickly after the sowing because the ground is warm. The first sowing failed; not a single seed germinated! Must have been something wrong with the seed.

Climbing beans are doing well. 

Peas form the pods.

Tomatoes got some frost bite but recovered nicely. Celery is strong and healthy. 

And, to end this post, this scare-bird. My grandma had it in her vegetable garden all the time. It is really simple to make. Insert a few bird feather (mine are from a crow) and hang it in the vegetable garden. 


  1. Sve ti jako lijepo napreduje u vrtu,kod nas je izmjena vreline sunca i kiše,pa su biljke dosta konfuzne,ali dobro napraduju..veliki ti pozz!

  2. I really like the scare-bird! It is a superb idea and easy to duplicate. Thanks! Your vegetable garden looks great. I have a small plot, and it is a real hassle keeping it watered. And no amount of watering from a hose seems to do the good of real rain!

  3. Your garden looks very nice! You have it all set up so well, and it looks like you will grow lots
    of food.

    Your scare bird is a great idea too.

  4. Thank you all. At last we had some rain yesterday and some more is announced for the following days. I hope so.

  5. What did you use for your scare bird? It looks like either dirt mold or an old potato.
    I have a website where I incorporate things kids can do to help in the garden. I would love to use this idea. Thanks.


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