Monday, 30 May 2011

The Ways Less Tread

After the rainy Saturday, Sunday morning downed partly cloudy and dry. The air temperature seemed ideal for walk so, my friend and I packed our rucksack and took off into nature. The round was about 15 km long but we are both in a good physical condition because we often do such tours. And, we love to take the roads and ways less tread; we just love the wilderness. The way led through the meadows and fields and up to the top of a hill where you can see the town and the valley like on your palm.

The grass is high, ready to be cut for hay. The smell is wonderful. 

The river was surprisingly low considering the rain the day before, and flew lazy under the old bridge. 
We found a few mushrooms in the wood; if it continues to be so warm and moist the mushroom season should be good. Before taking the road back home, we went to the nearby farm where I made these lovely lamb pictures.

the twins

'Little lamb, who made thee?'


  1. I always have to look to where you are: Croatia. Your country is quite beautiful. You had a good hike. cheers. ann

  2. Čarobne sličice,baš sam uživala u ovom tvom postu...predivno..veliki pozdrav!

  3. Thank you, Ann. Do come visit it some day.

  4. Nely, baš sam se nahodala, ali bilo je divno; ne prevruće, sve čisto nakon kiše..


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