Thursday, 16 June 2011

Decoupage Workshop

Both my friend Marina and I are known as creative persons and were asked to lead the decoupage workshop in The Community Centre in our town. We use this technique to decorate all kind of things - plates, boxes, watering cans, bird houses, picture frames... Lately, we enjoy making shabby chic furniture. 
The Community Centre provided with all the material we needed: paint, brushes, paper serviettes, special glue, flower pots, boxes...

It was 12 of us all together - just about the right number to avoid the crowd - with occasional visitors who only popped up to see what's going on. Marina demonstrated  mixing the colours and provided the old furniture. She also showed how to get this shabby look.

In three hours, women made lots of lovely decorated things. In the end, we all came to conclusion how relaxing this work was and we certainly have to socialise this way it more often! As myself, I really enjoyed it.


  1. Taman krećem na tvoj blog pregledati ove divote...stvarno ste bile vrijedne,sve je predivno,tu bih si pola stvari bezecirala,to je sve sa toliko ukusa izrađeno zaista sve pohvale...veliki pozdrav!

  2. Prekrasni radovi!!!

  3. Slušam Stinga na tvojoj stranici i uživam:)

  4. Hey Kalipso, you have many talents, not just gardening ones!

  5. Zondra i Nely, hvala vam; radionica je totalno uspjela, a žene nas iznenadile svojim dobrim ukusom i kreativnošću!

    Hi Mark, thank you. Without being modest, I do have many talents, but I don't consider it something special. That's how I am made! I am just being simply me. And I love to share it.

  6. I love that planter in your second set of photos...lovely! You all did such a great job...very professional!

  7. Really pretty, great ideas too! I love creative projects but haven't done any for awhile.


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