Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Garden Detailes

Garden is not all plants and layout. Adding some interesting details gives it a personal touch. I love the items I find in nature...

Wooden plates and snail shells.

A hollow stump used as a planter.

An old basket filled up with seasonal flowers.

Old brick fit nicely into a natural looking garden.

Old mugs used as planters. Make sure to drill the hole for drainage!


  1. Excellent! This is a great way to reuse old items. I just finished a post for reusing broken clay pots...scheduled for Friday. I love the mugs with the cute! Your arrangements are very well done.

  2. Prekrasan vrt i detalji!

  3. I love the brickwork. The circular arrangement is like what I had built around the base of my Crab Apple tree earlier this year (except that mine invloved new bricks, not old ones.) The tree stumps are nice too. You certainly have an artistic eye!

  4. The sage Butterfly, I am looking forward to seeing your Friday post.

    Draga Zondra, hvala Ti što si uvijek sa mnom.

    Mark, I had lots of old brick by pulling down old house of my grandma. I used hundreds of them as pavings and borders all around my garden. Please, see my 'before and after' posts.

  5. Love the brick circle. Do the snail shells give any live snails a warning to keep away?

  6. Love the mugs! How do you drill the holes without cracking them?

  7. Sue, no, snails are not afraid of empty shells! But birds often think the shells are other bird's eggs and dismantle my installation!

    BBI, I am sure there is a way to drill the hole without being making a volcano crater instead but, I did it simply with a nail and a hammer. Not a perfect hole but it serves a purpose. Maybe because the mugs are ceramic - it is softer than china.


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