Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Garden in June

I am certain, the most of the gardens look their best in June. So it is the case with mine. For most of the plants in it, this is the blooming time. The garden is rich in colours, shapes and sizes of numerous species of plants planted in it. 

The rain gave the boost to plants and washed the dust. Purple and violet colour tones of Penstemon hirsutus and Salvia nemorosa 'Blaukoeningin' mix well with silvery leaves of Stachys byzantina.

The bells started to open their flowers too. Soon, the lilies will follow along with hemerocalises and phloxes. Mowing and weeding are done and these days I only enjoy walking around and taking the photographs. When the garden is large, the most important thing is to keep it tidy and free of weeds. It takes an hour or two of slow work a day. Once the garden became neglected, it takes much more to bring it back to shape.
Actually, I have not so much weeds in the borders because of the dense planting. More work is needed to keep the brick edges and paths clean. I do all my weeding manually because I don't want to use any herbicides. To avoid weeding in the vegetable garden, the beds are covered with grass clippings.

This is my resting place in the middle of the vegetable garden, a shady place under the rose 'Felicite et Perpetue' and Lonicera, full of sweet scent.
And, this afternoon I picked up the first pea pods. There was not a single unhealthy pea and I got 1.5 kg of peas out of one large bowl of pods!


  1. Prekrasno,pravi raj,pravi engleski vrt..pozz:)

  2. Vrt je predivan Kalipso!!!


  3. I mene asocira na engleski vrt:) Divan je. Pozdrav

  4. Godine truda i rada su se isplatile, a ne smijem zanemariti ni svoje hortikulturno znanje i obrazovanje... Doista mogu reći da uživam u plodovima svoga rada...

  5. Kalipso, I just wanted to pop in and say thank you for following our site! I did a post on golden chain trees too. It seems we have similar gardens!

  6. Your garden looks so beautiful. I love the purples and lavenders together. I like Lambs Ear also. I love the velvet leaves.

  7. I like the peas best! Flowers are all very well, but (edible) veggies are even better. :-)


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