Sunday, 19 June 2011

Lavander Sugar

It is nearly the summer day and lavender started to bloom. Who can resit it's beautiful scent or those tiny violet flowers? I think many of us use lavender sachets as repellent for moths in our wardrobes. But, you can use lavender flowers to aromatize sugar. Just fill a jar with alternate layers of sugar and lavender flowers. You can crush the flowers between the fingers as you add them into a jar to release the essential oil. Close the jar and leave it for some time. This sugar may be used to make desserts or as tea sweetener.

Don't wait too long to pick the lavender flowers. The best time is as soon as they start to open. You can make bunches and dry them up side down on some warm airy place. Usually, we fill sachets with the flowers, but stems too contain the essential oil and you can simply cut them into small pieces and mix with flowers. Or, you can make this 'package' of lavender itself.

1. Cut some long lavender flower stems and make a bunch.
2. Hold the bunch up side down and brake all the stems downwards.
3. Hold the stems at the top and arrange them evenly around the flower part. 
4. Tie the ends firmly, trim them and voila! you have a nice lavender bunch for your wardrobe.


  1. Have you tried Lavender biscuits / cookies?

  2. I just planted lavender today. Now I know what to do with it.

  3. What beautiful lavender you have. Yes, i like lavender sugar and cakes and tea and bath and the lot! I like lavender!


  4. Ciao Alessandra, benvenuta!

    No, Mark, I haven't tried Lavender biscuits. But, It must be good, I am sure.

  5. Joj prekrasno,lavanda mi je omiljena,u vrtu je imam dosta...mogu misliti kako ti je sve mirisalo od nje...pozzz:)

  6. Great idea! I can't wait to get more lavander. I can almost smell it through the computer.

  7. I didn't think about lavender sugar. Now, I can't wait for my lavender to start flowering. But since its only autumn in OZ I have to wait a while.

    Thank you for sharing.

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