Monday, 20 June 2011

Red Currant Jelly

Red currant is ready to be picked up. This year the crop is exceptionally well. I have six young bushes and each of them gave 2 kg of pure berries!! I made a jelly today and I want to share this recipe with you.


2 kg red currant berries
1 sachet of jelly powder (25 g); contains pectin
1.2 kg sugar

Put the berries into a cooking dish and crush the berries to get the juice. Cook until hot and pass it through the clean clothe to get the pure juice. Or, do it in the juicer without cooking it.
I got 1.2 l of juice out of 2 kg currant.
Now pour the juice into a cooking dish, add jelly powder and stir until starts to cook. Add slowly sugar and stir constantly. Remove foam as it appears. Jelly is ready in five to ten minutes. You can check the consistency on a plate; just put some jelly on the plate and cool it. If you can turn the plate up side down and jelly is still there - the jelly is done!
Warm up jars into oven and fill it with hot jelly. 
I got five 1/2 litre jars of jelly of 2 kg currant.

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  1. My mother used to make jelly--out of everything, including Sarvice berries that grow up in the mountains. Yours would so yummy on buttermilk biscuits.

  2. Thank you, Ann. I love it's sweet-sour taste, especially on Christmas cookies.

  3. I like to eat Redcurrant jelly with roast meats - especially Lamb.

  4. Ohh that redcurrant jelly looks great, glad I stumbled upon your blog will be back to have a good old nosey around later when I have more time. Cheerio;-)

  5. Our next job is picking the red currants. Ours will be used to make our own fruit yoghurts and in fruit salads etc.

  6. Krasno izgledaju a vjerujem da su i jakoo ukusni, sve pohvale!

  7. Yummy! I have often wanted to make this recipe. Thanks!

  8. Prelepo izgleda! Sigurna sam da nije ništa drugačije ni sa ukusom:) Pozdrav

  9. Thank you all. And, Captain Shagrat, like all others, you too are welcome to my blog.
    I tried jelly today, it is firm and almost transparent just it is supposed to be.
    Mark, I love jam-roast meat combo too, but I did not tried it with currant. I certainly will.

  10. I love currants! Your jelly looks scrumptious! I don't think they grown in my area so I will just have to drool over yours...thanks for sharing!

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