Thursday, 2 June 2011

Roses Keep on Blooming Well

May and June are all about roses. It was not raining much recently and the rose blooms look wonderful. Each day one or two flowers fade and the other open. And, the garden smells beautifully.

'Eden Rose'

I cannot really tell which kind of rose I like the most but, old fashioned roses with strong smell and ramblers are my favourites. The rambler 'Bobby James' climbed up to the balcony in just two seasons after being planted in autumn 2009. The flowers are white and simple, clustered at the top of long stems and, yes, it smells lovely.

'Bobby James' (rambler)

'Bobby James' 

'Polka' (climber)

'Paul Neyron' (hybrid perpetual)

Both 'Paul Neyron' and 'Polka' have a nice scent and pretty large full flowers, 15 to 17 cm across! They bloom repeatedly but, the first bloom is  really the most abundant and spectacular. 
'Baron Girod de I'Ain' is another hybrid perpetual rose with long branches. After the first bloom the branches need to be tied to the support almost horizontally; I noticed it produces more side shoots this way.

'Baron Girod de I'Ain'


  1. U tvom vrtu stvarno ima prekrasnog cvijeća i pun je divnih mirisa! Vidi se da ga s ljubavlju uređuješ.


  2. I love to look at all of your beautiful roses. They are blooming now in mine and I am a happy gardener. Your Eden rose is just the prettiest. My Polka rose died this spring. I think it got tired of the wet feet from all of the rain so I have to get one to replace it. It is so pretty in your garden.

  3. Lona, sorry to hear about your roses; they are lovely too.

  4. Your roses are just lovely. Mine are forming beautiful buds, great promise as long as we don't get any hail.


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