Saturday, 11 June 2011

Salvia sclarea var.turkestanica

I got this sage a few years ago from my neighbour and ever since it happily self seeds in my garden. This is is a bold, robust plant and needs lots of space in the garden. It can be up to 1 m high. The leaves are pretty rough to touch, broad and hairy. The flowers are tiny, held in colourful bracts that can be white or lilac.
Like all sages, the plant contains oil. It is used widely in perfumes and flavouring for vermouths, liqueurs and wines. Clary sage is a biennial plant native to the Mediterranean. 

Like all biennials, the young plants develop by the winter in the first year, and produce flowers the next year. The flowering time is pretty long and it is surely a nice addition to mix flower beds and borders.


  1. Prava ljepotica..prekrasno izgleda:)

  2. I've just planted a group of salvias so I hope they grow up to look as good as these.


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