Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Vegetable garden

I picked up the last pea pods yesterday and have all together 3 kg of peas. Not bad for only 2 square metres of land sown with peas. Following the crop rotation, I planted kale on the same spot. I had pretty nice young plants of kale grown from seed. It germinated very well and I had some extra plants to give away to my friend and neighbours. I have two cultivars of kale - 'Black Tuscany' and 'Dwarf Green Curled' - and I cannot wait to see them fully grown because they are actually pretty plants. I mulched the bed with hay.

The weather last week was really the topical kind - warm, rainy and very moist. No wonder that garden looks abundant and luxurious. Everything grows like crazy! Well, weeds too!

climbing beans


early cabbage

celery and tomatoes

In spite of all that moist and rainy weather favourable to fungus diseases, all plants are healthy. There are not many snails either. I keep collecting them regularly and trap them into used toilette odour containers! I fill it up with beer (snails love it!) and put into vegetable beds. The container has a lid that looks like a small roof so, beer is also protected from rain falling in!


  1. Fantastic-looking veg, Kalipso. And another brilliant re-purposing idea with the snail-traps! Can you get those things in green colour though??

  2. Things are growing really well - our crops have suffered from lack of rain.

  3. Mark, that's exactly what I have thought but, no, there is no green container. I suppose the colour depends on the scent and lavender is violet, vanilla yellow, etc.

    Sue, we had really lots of rain this month. Sometimes it's annoying but, drought is worse.

  4. Prekrasan povrtnjak Kalipso!

  5. It's nice to see so much vegetable in a garden. And I can see that everything grow well.

  6. Great harvest. Your garden looks so well groomed.

  7. Stvarno ti sve lijepo napreduje,divno je sve uredno kao pod konac,sve u svemu predivno:)


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