Friday, 1 July 2011

Cherry Jam

I don't have a cherry tree in my garden but my aunt does. She called me yesterday afternoon to pay her a visit and pick up as much cherries as I want. Who can say no to an invitation like that?

So, off I went. It was a real 'cherry day' yesterday. I ate nice fresh picked up cherries and, back home, made a cherry strudel and three jars of jam too. Three jars doesn't seems much but, I usually make jams and jellies of one or two kilogram of fruit as it comes - strawberries, red currant, cherries, raspberries, apricots etc. by winter the pantry is full of yummy marmalades. It is more than I actually need so, my friend get some too.
The recipe is simple. Wash cherries and remove the stone. Cook the fruit with 1 dl of water until soft. Add 600 to 700 g sugar on each 1 kg of cherries. You can add some special gelatine powder mixture for jams and marmalades. Cook the jam until it becomes thick.

In the evening, a friend of mine brought me one kilo of raspberries and I made another two jars of jam! I used to have raspberries in my garden but I eradicate them because they were too old and messy. I am planing to plant new raspberries this autumn.

1 kg = 2.20 pounds
100 g =  0.22 pounds
1 dl = 0.42 cup


  1. Ti si stvarno bila jako vrijedna, sve pohvale i hvala na ovom lijepom postu!

    Ugodan vikend:)

  2. many different jams and jellies. I like to make bar cookies with preserves. Have a good weekend!

  3. Zondra, obavila sam sve to 'u letu', ali skuhaš džem za manje od pola sata, osobito ako koristiš još i Želin...

    The sage Butterfly, no jam like home jam! Have a nice day too.

  4. Prekrasno,kod tebe se puni zimnica polako i svega lijepoga već ima..pozz:)

  5. How nice to have all that fruit available. Do you ever bottle the fruit to preserve it? or make the German-style "Rumtopf"? I can vouch for the fact that cherries work very well in Rumtopf, along with plums!

  6. Mark, I simply adore 'Rumtopf' but did not make it this year. I even have an original ceramic 'topf' for it. certainly, you can put plums in it as well as cherries. I usually put all kind of berries as they come and some diced apricots too. Yummy!


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