Sunday, 17 July 2011


Sometimes I wander, is the big garden a blessing or the curse? At present, this is how most of the grass looks like - scorched and dry. Only shady areas are partly spared of this terrible look. Please, take a notice of green spots in the grass -  this tough little fellows we consider weeds keep up in this horrible growing conditions.
Well, you might ask why I don't water the lawn. We are already following the first degree of water spare, and I only water flowers and vegetable garden just about so much to keep it alive. No need to tell you that such measures have great impact on plants look, but forget the aesthetic. At this point, I just want plants to stay alive.

Helianthus helianthoides 'Lorraine Sunshine'

This Helianthus, a cousin of sunflower,  loves sun and dry conditions as it's name suggested; Greek helios means sun. 
I need about two hours to water the garden properly so, from this point of view, a big garden might be a curse. Anyway, on my scale 'the blessing' side prevails.

Hosta plantaginea suffers the most of all Hostas I got. It's tender leaves simply have sun burns! I use to water in the evening ( finished watering at 23 h yesterday!) to diminish evaporation; nights are not so hot as the days. Besides, if you water during the day and drops of water remain on foliage, each of them will act as tiny lens and cause additional burn up.

Hemerocalis 'Bonanza'

As I pulled down the walnut tree, they remained exposed to the sun. I think I will transfer most of my Hostas to shady areas in October and replaced them with some sun loving plants. That's what I love about gardening, nothing is defined and there is always a room for changes.


  1. WE are short of rain too but things don't look as bad as for you!

  2. I kod mene u vrtu nastaju problemi sa prejakim suncem kako na travnjaku,tako na nekim biljkama,jednostavno uz svu pažnju ne mogu to izbjeći,sunce je očito prejako veliki pozz:)

  3. Your "lawn" makes me glad that I have now removed all the grass from my garden!

  4. Brown grass here too, but not that bad. I actually watered yesterday for the first time this year because the new perennials were suffering. Out back where the plants are established, they are toughing it out. No rain predicted in the next ten days either if none comes today as they said it might.

  5. We have had unseasonably cool weather and rain as of late, however the heat has just recently come to visit. It is always disappointing to see plants suffer.

  6. We never seem to have problems with dry lawns in Ireland! Good idea to move your hostas to shade. I'm always moving plants around in the garden and dividing is great - more plants for free!

  7. We rarely water here. I think you should go bigger! Take out that brown lawn and fill the space with drought tolerant tough plants!

  8. We took out the lawn and made gardens. Mulching and SoilMoist helps a lot. I feel bad for anyone suffering from a drought. We've had a few and they are not nice to live through.

  9. No probs with rain here in Scotland just now, but I feel for you there seeing that image of your lawn which is a great indicator of conditions. I did notice the weeds... we will survive ;-)

    Shame about your hosta. Are you not tempted to prune burned leaves away to give the others a chance at any moisture? I might be tempted to cut back half the leaves on a plant as an experiment. Just a thought :-)

    In dry spells here I find myself using watering cans without a rose on and soak the ground where the roots are. I try to miss the foliage completely. I don't water every day either. I really, really soak the ground in one session in the hope that water gets as deep as it can and then the roots will go deep to find it and then the plant copes better. I tend to leave the lawn unwatered most times and pretend its not there... not always easy though.

    Sending rain wishes your way :-)


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