Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Garden Report

Firstly, it was 40°C, now we have the coldest July in the past eighty years! The lowest temperature is measured in the town Gospić, 9.5°C. My town had fresh 12 °C. Day temperatures were not upper than 22°C. The rain was falling down almost every day. Momentarily, we have some sun but it wont be lasting for a long time. Tomorrow comes the rain again. Suits me.
I have just come in the house from my garden. The ground is perfectly wet for an easy weeding and I have done lots of it. I also cut down some roses and dead flowers.
I picked up 3 kg of tomatoes. The kale and celery are looking wonderful. Broad beans and mangel suffered the drought but who knows, they might come alive again.

As for flowers, hemerocalises,  rudbeckia and echinacea are still flowering. Japanese anemones have the very first blooms. The tiger lilies look good too.

This wild onion made himself home in my garden. For years I tried to eradicate it, obviously with no success. It produced this tiny flowers this year and I must admit, they look so cute. So, wild onion stays.

It will be lots of walnuts this year. Again.


  1. The weather patterns around most of the world have been pretty stange this year! We also have a very cold and gloomy July. What do you do with the walnuts? Do you pick them when they are green (for pickling), or do you leave them to fully ripen?

  2. Vrt i biljke u njemu su ti prekrasne unatoč vremenu koje je prevrtljivo..pozz:)

  3. Still not enough rain for us and cold nights - not good news for plants

  4. A world apart and we have nearly the same plant material in our gardens. Love it. Hot here 90+ (F).

  5. Mark,
    I pick up ripe nuts. Green are good for making liqueurs. Seeds are used as ingredients for cakes and cookies. They may be eaten with bread as well! But, walnuts here are something quite different that the one you have in England. (My English friends have told me so) This is Persian walnut, Juglans regia, grown in England as well, but you have probably the different cultivars with hard shell.


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