Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Gaura lindheimeri

Gaura lindheimeri, the beeblossom

I have three young Gaura plants planted this Spring and they produced their very first flowers. This is a perennial native to North America where it grows wild from Louisiana and Texas to south to Mexico. Flowers are pink or white and remind of butterfly. 
They develop a very long tap root and need deep, well drained soil in full sun and are perfect for dry corners in the garden. 

Flower stalk are tall and should be cut back once the flowers fade away. It may take the second flowering later on in season.
Gaura can be grown from seed but if you want the plants true to the mother plant divide the clump in Spring. Gaura forms large lumps of branches that need to be pruned in order to keep neat appearance. Looks best mixed with ornamental grasses and Asters.

pink flowers; image credit:


  1. Prekrasan cvijet ima!

  2. Why does pink look so perfect in the garden? I am always calmed by it...very pretty!

  3. I love this flower. I first saw it a few weeks ago in a garden on the Ft. Collins garden tour; since I have seen it in garden centers. I need to buy some. Your's is just perfect.

  4. The colour in your garden looks great. Love the strawberry DIY projects you posted a few days ago!

  5. I've seen Gauras in garden centres and thought about buying one or two. Is it easy to grow from seed?

  6. Sue, I bought Gaura plants and have no experience growing it from seed.
    Anyway, it is worth trying it and sowing instructions are on the sachet.

  7. Hi Sue - I planted 4 very small Guara plants just 4 mnths ago - Its winter here now and I'm looking forward to Spring to see how they do. I pruned them a month ago - one has lots of new growth. Thanks for this article it was very useful to me :)


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