Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Rain at Last!

The clouds are still coming.

Dear friends, after having read your comments on my 'Drought' post, I  have to thank you for suggestions and concern. I am happily announcing that the rain started at 4 o'clock this morning; I almost could not believe it! We had a very good shower that lasted fifteen minutes. Then, another one came, and another one... Thanks God.
Removing my lawn and replacing it with a gravel as you suggested, is a wonderful idea but, it functions in small gardens and surfaces. My lawn is too big. Anyway, this drought is really something extreme this year. Usually, it is not so. Momentarily, the sun appeared but, new clouds are coming. Tomorrow should be changeable and new rain is announced for Friday. How good.
Unfortunately, some parts of Croatia suffered the storm with hail and strong wind that pulled down the trees and took off the house roofs. All the crop is ruined and the material damage is big too.

Nerium oleander, tolerates dry conditions and blooms well.

Personally, besides the rain, the best thing that happens is temperature drop. I hardly stand the heat and love cooler weather conditions. My town was for weeks at the top of the list of the warmest towns in Croatia, many times taking the first position. From 38 - 40°C (104 F!) to today's pleasantly 25°C (77 F) - what a relief ! It surely does good to plants too.


PS. Pop up to this page and, please, sign the petition. Maybe we can do something this way.


  1. I kod nas je stigla kiša i zahlađenje,srećom bez tuče koji je i tekako poharao dio ovim prolaskom hladnog zraka..ovo je bio spas u zadnji čas,jer biljčice su bile poprilično na rubu snaga...velik pozz:)

  2. So glad you got rain. Like a gift from Heaven. It is bloody hot here, although we usually have a bit or rain at the end of the day. Hope you cool off some.

  3. What a crazy year it has been for weather all over the globe! Glad you got a respite from the drought and heat!

  4. Hooray for rain! I love it when rain also brings cooler temperatures. This month I have considered every day of rain a blessing. We had a drought and very hot temperatures through June, but July has had some rain every other day or so. Still hot and humid, but at least the plants can take it if we get enough rain. May your rain continue, just the kind that refreshes and not the storms that bring high winds!

  5. Glad to hear that you have had some relief from the drought. We have the opposite problem at present - day after day of dull grey skies with masses of really heavy showers. Summer is not supposed to be like this! Sometimes I wish for your 40 degrees just for a day or two!

  6. I agree with Aerie-el, the weather is gone crazy all over the world. And, I am sure we people are to blame for it.
    And yes, this changeable weather conditions will last until Monday.

  7. Please send some of that rain here! P. x

  8. So glad you finally got rain in your area. We are still waiting in TX USA. Some day it will come again, I am sure....I think. Loved your before & after on Hanni's blog.


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