Tuesday, 16 August 2011

The First Potatoes

One potato, two potatoes...

I was working in the veg garden this afternoon and could not resist to check out one of my potato bags. I actually find it odd not to see potatoes blooming until now. Maybe it is an late cultivar, I don't know, a friend of mine gave me two kilos of them in late spring.
I cannot say that I am disappointed with the crop. All in all, there were four kilos (about nine pounds) of potatoes in the 50 l volume bag. I guess, the drought took its toll too. I did water them but, nothing is so good as the proper rain shower. I will leave another two bags be until the leaves start yellowing.
Some potatoes are really big, but there is lots of medium and small ones. I definitely picked them up too early.
The tomatoes still provide lots of fruits. They came alive after the rainy days. I have lots of cherry tomatoes too. Love them in the mixed salads, e.g. Greek, with feta cheese and other vegetables. One of my favourite salad is the one with mozzarella cheese and tomatoes, which I prepared myself for a dinner today. Easy to make, healthy and light, it is a perfect hot summer day dish.

Simply slice tomato and one mozzarella cheese and arrange it on the plate. The dressing is made of olive oil, apple vinegar, a pinch of salt and pepper and oregano. Stir it well and pour it over the tomatoes and cheese. I eat it with a slice of bread.


  1. Zavidim ti na krumpirima,ja sam svoje davno povadila,vjerujem ti za ovu salaticu i meni je omiljena..lijep pozdrav:)

  2. What variety of potatoes are the ones in your photo? The tomato and Mozzarella salad with oregano is one of my favourites too. I really love the taste of oregano. I think the dried version, rather than fresh, works best with that salad.

  3. Our potato crop has really surprised us as we are harvesting as many potatoes as last year in spite of the tops not making much growth and no flowering. It's far too dry here.

  4. The tomato/mozarella must taste so good with bread! Yum.

  5. Mark, I have no idea what variety of potato it is; a friend of mine just gave me some to try this "grow potatoes in the bag" experiment. I think I should gave them more fertilizer as well as water.

  6. I think you're right about the rain affecting your potato crop. That happened last year with the apples here. They looked like cherries!

    As for your tomato mozzarella salad, we make something similar with fresh basil. It's Steve's favorite salad!


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