Sunday, 28 August 2011

My Huge Tomato Plant

This is just one tomato plant...

Some months ago I have noticed a tomato plant in my flower bed. It probably germinated from a seed which somehow survived in the compost that I added to the beds. I decided the tomato can stay as it is but, I could never thought how huge plant it will turn into! It almost suffocated my Tiareallas! In spite of drought, the plant is fully green with lots of flowers and the first fruits turning red... The stems are over 1.2 m long crawling over the brick paving and forming the root system at the places where they touch the earth.

the roots on the stem

tomato fruits

The weathermen say it will be a long warm autumn and I think, it will be enough time for all the fruit to ripen. I picked up the most of other tomatoes and they slowly decline, except from the cherry tomatoes that tirelessly produce new fruits. 


  1. Wow a triffid tomato plant - the fruits look pretty tasty though.

  2. Izgledaju prekrasno,obožavam ih! Rado bi imala nekoliko sjemenki baš ove vrste.

  3. Predivni su i kod nas u vrtu imamo takvih divnih primjeraka..krasno ti je sve bujno u vrtu..veliki pozdrav:)

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