Friday, 19 August 2011

My New Gardening Book

Horticulture is my vocation and I could never have enough of gardening books. This one is my birthday treat! I do that now and then, buy myself something I like, mostly books. 
I ordered it seven days ago form Book Depository. I like this on-line book store, easy to browse, easy to add book to wish list, easy to place an order, good service and free delivery worldwide on all the books. I think is cheaper than most similar on-line book stores. I already have some more books on my wish list waiting...
Well, I cannot wait to start reading this one.

As for my garden, we again have a longer period with no proper rain. So, watering is in order. I had to pull out all the broad beans, no use to wait if they will bring some pods. What a pity!
Sedums and Semprevivums survive the drought easily. I planted some in this old roof tile.

Interesting flowers of Veronicastrum virginicum.


  1. I like the plants in the roof tile, very creative!

  2. Hvala ti puno za ovu informaciju o stranici za narudžbu knjiga,divno...upravo sam malo pogledala i mislim da ću i ja sebi nešto naručiti..vrtni cvjetni detalji su krasni pored izostanka kiše...veliki pozdrav!

  3. Was it your Birthday this week, then?? Let me send my Best Wishes, on the assumption that it was.
    I hope the book lives up to your expectations and gives you lots of inspiration for things to do in your own garden.

  4. Obožavam knjige, često ih i sama naručujem preko interneta, hvala na zanimljivom prijedlogu!
    Crijep sa sukulentima mi je prekrasan detalj, jako lijepo kao i tvoj vrt.

    Ugodan vikend:)

  5. Happy Birthday! I have so many gardening books, I've said no more - I can re-read the ones I have - but just the cover on this book is enough to convince me I need one more!

  6. Mark, HolleyGarden, thank you for the best birthday wishes - never too late for them. By the way, August 12th was my birthday.

  7. Dear Kalipso, Belated happy birthday! You chose a lovely gift for yourself. And now I am going to order a copy for me ... no birthday excuse. Love the planting in the tile. P.x

  8. Veronicastrum virginicum is also called Culver's root. I guess you have already mentioned that in your book! I'm sure it has a wealth of gardening ideas stored for the readers. When did you take the last photo, btw? These flowers are known to grow from mid-summer to early fall. You surely have good soil out there! A Culver's root lives best in wet and moist upland sites. :)


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