Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Organic Fertilizers DIY

I stopped using mineral fertilizers many years ago. Instead, I use pelleted organic fertilizers and make my own too.
1. Sheep organic fertilizer is one of the best fertilizer of the type. Maybe it sound silly, but you can collect sheep droplets on the fields ( ask for the permission the field owner)! To make liquid fertilizer from sheep droplets you will need one textile sack, some sheep droplets and a bucket full of water. Simply put the sack filled with droplets into water and wait for a while (1 kg manure to 5 l water). The same can be done with chicken manure. Before use, add some more water to the bucket to dilute the liquid (1:10 ratio), especially if you have chicken manure - high in nitrogen!

2. A few days ago I filled another one bucket with sting nettles and added water. I know, most of you use this wonderful fertilizer. It just begun to foam and smells terribly! But it is away from the garden area used to enjoy, near the compost piles. The smell may be minimized by adding some bone meal.
This is a fertilizer with high concentration of N and K, and has to be diluted in water before the use. I usually make 1:10 dilution. The nettle manure is not good for peas, broad bean and garlic.
The second bucket contains a mix of sting nettles and comfrey. All these plants may be used as mulch as well. You can add some other plants to nettles e.g. fern, chamomile, and horsetail.

3. Compost soup is very mild and can be used all the time. Easy to make: just put one bucket of compost into 15 l of water and wait for a day until it settles. Water plants with it.

4. Check this out Banana Peel Fertilizer by Fer. Very good for house plants and any other plant as well.  (Banana peel N= 0 P= 3.25 K= 41.76)

5. Biodegradable mulches, such as grass clippings, tree bark, straw, spent mushroom compost serve as fertilizers as well by slowly realising the nutrients into the soil.


  1. Interesting. I have a trash can of chicken do-do mixed with the sawdust wood chips that came out of the chicken house. I was just going to sprinkle it around plants but worried that it would too hot. So perhaps a tea would do well. Thanks for your ideas.

  2. Yep, without a doubt some of the best plant foods are the worst-smelling ones! I usually make some "Tea" with comfrey, but I have only been able to make a small quantity this year as the Comfrey plants have been rather poor.

  3. I sama isto radim prirodnom gnojidbom,biljke su i tekako zahvalne na tome..odličan post..veliki pozdrav!

  4. Great post! I wish there was sheep droppings nearby, but I have lots of compost. The nettle and comfrey tea is a real good one.

  5. I deleted the last comment as it had a typo that made the comment incomprehensible.

    Here goes again That's real dedication - collecting sheep poo

  6. Sue, I know it sounds silly, collecting the sheep poo. But, you can collect a kilo in a short time. And yes, I admit, I am really dedicated to live green. Some things in life ask for discipline and dedication.

  7. We're using "llama beans" (manure) this year from a local farm with nice results. I didn't know nettle makes good fertilizer- thank you!

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