Friday, 5 August 2011

Penny Bun

Unfortunately, these mushrooms don't grow in my garden but they do in the woods! Today is a day off, a national holiday in Croatia and I have spent it walking in the woods.
The weather lately has been really ideal for mushrooms and I made quite a lot of photographs of mushroom species for my other BLOG. I also picked up about five kilos of Penny Buns (Boletus sp.). I could have picked up a lots more but, according to the new regulations for picking up fruits, plants and mushrooms in the wild, it is allowed to pick up 2 kg of mushrooms per person. People who pick up the mushrooms for commercial purposes have to have a licence and are allowed to pick up a maximum of 10 kg per person. I am all up to that law 'cause I would like to see these mushrooms in the years that come. I mean, people became so greedy picking up enormous quantities of mushrooms and we have every year more and more protected species that face extinction. Penny Buns are especially loveable in Croatia and in years with favourable weather conditions one can pick up sacks of it!

If you like mushrooms like I do, try to make this mushroom strudel.


6 sheets of strudel pastry
450 g mushrooms (Penny Buns or cultivated mushrooms)
150 g smoked ham
2 bread slices
1 big red onion
1 egg
1 dl milk
salt, pepper, some thyme
oil and a bit of margarine

Dice the onion and fry it for a while on some oil. Dice the mushrooms and add to onion and simmer until mushrooms are soft, add diced smoked ham and simmer about five minutes. Dip the bread slices into milk, squeeze the excess liquid and put into a bowl. Add onion, mushroom and ham mixture, salt, pepper, thyme, and egg. Stir it well.
Put two strudel dough sheets together, fill with 1/3 of mixture and roll on. Make another two strudel the same way. Put them into backing tray, brush them with melted margarine and bake on 180 - 200 °C until golden.
I believe, the strudel would be even better if made of puff pastry.


  1. I'd be too worried that I had picked poisonous toadstools to try and pick wild mushrooms

  2. Prekrasno,mogu samo zamisliti ukus..prava uživancija...

  3. That recipe makes my mouth water! I love mushrooms, but I would never pick them from the wild. I could never be sure which ones are poisonous. I have sometimes thought of growing my own; I think they would like my warm, humid climate.

  4. Yummy! I don't trust my judgement to pick the right ones, but I can use some from the store.

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