Sunday, 14 August 2011


Small pergola attached to the garden shed is finally done. I am quite pleased with it. Now I need to plant the area around it and  finish the paving underneath. Being placed in the western corner of my garden, this will be my private, secluded sitting place.
The rose 'Bleu Mangeta' is planted by one of the poles. As the matter of fact, it is planted in Autumn but, at the time I already knew where the poles will stand. It is a vigorous rambler rose, that will overgrow pergola eventually. This rose tolerates many unfavourable growing conditions, such as shade, poor soil or cold so, I expect it to grow well. The flowers are fragrant and have a great clusters of pink-violet flowers.

image credit: rosesloubert

Summer heaths seized and the garden came alive again after the rain. The mornings are quite fresh, between 10 and 15 °C, and the days are not so hot any more. Many roses provide the second bloom. Asters open the very first flowers.

And here, there are some of the present garden bloomers on the photo above: Solanum, Russelia, Verbena, some Hostas, Agapanthus, Lonicera...


  1. The pergola looks really neat. A great place to sit and survey your lovely garden. I expect you are hoping that the rose will grow quickly in order to prvide you with some welcome shade next Summer!

  2. Does that rose have a perfume if so it will be great sitting by it?

  3. That is a mighty fine pergola! Congratulations!

  4. Yes, the rose grows pretty quickly and is also scented, so, I expect to enjoy both shade and scent next summer!

  5. The pergola looks great, will be a good place to sit and enjoy the scenery. Kelli

  6. The pergola looks great. It serves as a perfect spot for shade whenever you want to hang outside. I’m sure it has become more beautiful after you added some plants around it. I'd love to see some pictures of how it looked like. How about now? What are the improvements you've made?

    Angelina Garcia

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