Thursday, 1 September 2011

Autumn Is in the Air

Have you a feeling the summer days are coming to an end and Autumn is in the air? I do. Everything around me tells me Autumn is knocking on the doors. The days are shorter. Mornings are fresh.
The bright shiny apples fill up the bowl on the table. We make our winter preserves; cook the tomato ketchup, make jams, put vegetables in the deep freezer. I always make so called "soup vegetable mix" for deep freezer. I mix carrots, parsley, kohlrabi and celery, put it in the bags and freeze. I have already frozen dill leaves as well as parsley. Parsley may be also preserved in salt. Just chop it, mix with salt and put in a glass jar. Keep it in the refrigerator.

Aster novi-belgii 'Marie Ballard'

As for the garden, Asters and tall Sedums are taking over. I have several species and cultivars of Asters. There are dwarf Aster dumosus  'Kristina' with white flowers and some unknown cultivar blue-violet in colour. The tall ones are Aster novi-belgii 'Sarah ballard' and Aster novae-anglie 'Alma Poetschke' with beautiful pink-crimson flowers. They are not all in bloom now but soon they will be.

Aster 'Kristina'

Sedum spectabile

Tall Sedums are one of my favourite autumn bloomers. The most attractive among them is Sedum telephium 'Autumn Joy' (or German 'Herbstfreude'). Another species I have is Sedum 'Matrona' with reddish stems and Sedum 'Purple Emperor' with purplish leaves, stems and purple-red flowers. Though it has not got the neatest habits, it looks great in mixed border. Sedums grow rather well in my garden and I divide them every second or third year. 

Sedum 'Purple Emperor'


  1. It seems like only yesterday that you were complaining about the excessive Summer heat that had parched your grass! Are those apples ones you have grown yourself?

  2. The apples are a gift from my neighbour!The old apple tree I had once in the garden is gone and I still haven't found the right replacement for it.
    The grass looks better, though, we again have no rain for weeks. And, it is still warm...

  3. I planted a couple of asters this year and one has been flowering since April. A very confused aster

  4. Asters are really doing well this year. Even with the excessive heat. Your asters look lovely. Like the music by Sting too.

  5. Predivno je raskoš boja i razbujanosti:)

  6. Your asters are so full and have so many blooms. They are lovely!

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