Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Late Performers

By this time, many plants have already set the seeds and spread them away by wind, by ants, by touch (just think of the Impatients - Touch-me-not Balsam!) or some other way... I am afraid, those who need water to be let out into the world will have to be patient and wait for the rain to come. I have collected some seeds as ever and packed them into paper bags. I leave the seeds of biennials to spread naturally because they need to germinate this year and produce young plants by winter. I only transplant them in early Spring on the spots I want, as I do with my Clary sage, for example. 

Hollyhock seeds... and the latest of it's flowers...

In spite of frying sun, there are some wonderful performers in my garden. Besides Asters and tall Sedums that I mentioned in one of my previous posts, ornamental grasses develop their panicles and spikes. One of my favourite ornamental grass is Pennisetum alopecuroides, Fountain Grass. The clumps are rather big now and I think, I will divide them in Autumn. 

Pennisetum alopecuroides

Verbena bonariensis among fading flowers of Echinacea.

Amaranthus adds interesting colour to the flower beds.


  1. Divno cvijeće koje obožavam,i kod mene su već cvjetovi počeli ostavljati sve više sjemena,suša je doprinjela tome,polako sakupljam za iduću godinu...veliki pozdrav:)

  2. Verbena bonariensis self seeded on our plot and in the garden until the big freeze last winter killed it all off. I'll probably sow more seeds next year to restock.

  3. Your amaranthus is lovely. The color stands out in the garden.


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