Friday, 9 September 2011


The municipal water supplies are so low that using it for garden watering and car washing is strictly forbidden! Well, the drought took it's toll anyway. But, my kales seem to do rather well. The plants are really beautiful, one can mix it with flowers too. I especially love the cultivar 'Black Toscany'.

'Black Toscany'

'Dwarf Curled'

Decorative squashes are so small, but I think, there will be a few to pick up.

'Turk's Turban' squash (Cucurbita maxima)

'Swan Neck' gourd (Lagenaria siceraria)
This one is planted on the compost heap...

No rain on a horizon for at least a week...


  1. Iste ukrasne tikve imam i ja u vrtu!:)
    Na prve dvije fotke je kelj, jel tako?:)
    Nisam imala prilike vidjeti tako lijepe i dekorativne listove.
    Joj da mi je svratiti u tvoj vrt,imaš toliko prekrasnih biljaka.

    Pusa i lijep vikend ti želim, ja bježim u Gorski kotar okopati moju lavandicu:)

  2. O I love those plants. Yes I agree black tuscany has such mood colouring. No rain? We have nothing but rain!!

  3. I love kale, and your gourd is fabulous! So sorry to hear about your drought conditions there. We are in a drought, too, but our watering restrictions are not as severe as yours. I hope your garden hangs on, and you get rain soon.

  4. We're getting a little rain now but maybe too late to swell the squash and definitely too late for the sweetcorn.

  5. I love that Black Toscany - it looks like a great plant for colour in any garden, not just a veggie patch!

  6. Baš ti je prekrasno stvarno,ove godine nemam baš tikvica ukrasnih,bit će ih svega par komada i to turskih turbana:)

  7. It looks like you've had a great growing season :) We're having kale for lunch today - yum! Your newest follower, Laura

  8. Prva i cetvrta fotka su mi predivne... Ukrasne tikvice obozavam! Svidja mi se sta uzgajas u svom vrtu:)


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