Friday, 30 September 2011


I picked the last vegetables from my veg garden yesterday and decided to make some pickles. I made three large 5l jars of mixed vegetables pickles. I used peppers, cabbage, cucumbers, cauliflower, green tomatoes and carrots. The recipe is quite simple. You have to clean and wash all the vegetables, and cut cauliflower and carrots into pieces. I filled peppers with grated cabbage. Put the vegetables into a jar and pour in the vinegar mixture. Vinegar mixture recipe for 5 l of water: 5 l water, 200 g salt, 1 dl vinegar, 1.5. sachets of pickles preservative (about 15 g), 250 g sugar. Warm up one litre of water and add salt and vinegar. Let it boil. Move from the herd. Add sugar and stir until dissolved. Add the rest of water and dissolved preservative. Stir it all well. Leave it to cool.
I usually wait one day before covering the jars because the vegetables sometimes sucks in the liquid and it is needed to pour some more the next day. Store it on dark cool place.

I also have some golden cayenne peppers. I simply thread them on a string and let them dry. Sadly, they will loose this beautiful yellow colour. 


  1. The pickled veggies look beautiful!

  2. Divno izgledaju tvoje staklenke, divno!
    Koje boje, mora da je sve jako ukusno a još je iz tvog vrta, super!
    Sve pohvale,zavidim ti na takvoj zimnici, takvu je i moja baka radila.

    Pusa i ugodan vikend:)

    P.S. Tvoja divna muzika me uvijek vraća u one divne dame kad sam bila mlada djevojka:)
    Odličan odabir, uživala sam!

  3. The pickles are a great way to preserve those veg for the Winter months, though I have to say that for me the chillis have more appeal!

  4. You will enjoy the pickles over the winter. They look beautiful all pickled up.

  5. Mark, the chilli peppers are so hot! I tried one and thought the steam is going out of my ears! Not to mentioned that I instantly burst into tears! I too love hot dishes, but I have to be careful how much peppers I will put into it.


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