Saturday, 29 October 2011

Fruits of Nature

There are a few mushroom this Autumn because of the lack of rain and moisture. Most fungi need hot,  steamy days to appear. But, there are some mushrooms that love colder mornings and warm days, like this one - Shaggy Incap (Coprinus comatus). You can see more pictures of it on my other blog - Mushrooms and Toadstools.
The day was beautiful and I went for a stroll in park and along the river bank. This mushroom loves lawns and grassland, especially on newly prepared ground. I found some enormous specimens today, more than 30 cm high. It must be the day temperature that made them grow so fast. It is again pleasantly 15 -17 °C during the day. I took the photo above of only a cap of this big mushroom  and one regular specimen that usually reach the hight of 15 - 20 cm to compare them. 
The mushroom is edible while young, that is until the spores are white. As they become ripe, they turn black and remind on ink - hence the name.
You can prepare this mushroom in many ways e.g. with some onions and eggs. But, my favourite way is to fry them. Clean them, roll them in flour, dip in bitten eggs and then roll them in bread crumbs until completely coated. Fry until golden. I always put them on some paper towels before eating to remove extra grease. No need to add salt, just put some into the bitten eggs.

Bon appetit!


  1. When I used to have a grass lawn in my garden, some years ago, we used to get many of these Shaggy Ink Caps, but we never ate any of them. What do you think of thier taste / texture? I have heard that they are rather bland and unexciting, but maybe this is not true?

  2. I love them prepared this way at the most. They have unique taste - you love it or hate it.

  3. Zavidim ti na ovako krasnim gljivama,mogu samo zamisliti ukus koji imaju..prekrasno,uživaj i veliki pozdrav:)

  4. I'd never dare eat wild mushrooms just in case they were poisonous. There are some beautiful fungi though.


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