Tuesday, 18 October 2011

A Pine Cone Wrath

a basket full of pine cones

Rainy Autumn days are perfect for various DIY projects. As I have collected a lot of cones of various coniferous trees in park, I decided to make a pine cone wrath. It will certainly be a nice Christmas decoration to hang on the house entrance door. Besides of the cones, I needed a silicon hot glue to stick the cones together. I love it because hot silicon glue is pretty strong and dries quick and also, easy to apply with a gun.
Firstly, decide how big the wrath should be. I usually put six cones in a circle and add some more until it is big enough. Then I add the second row of pine cones.

Now, simply glue the cones together, firstly the first circle, then add the second. To finish, I put some small cones all over it to fill the gaps.

This wrath is actually so nice as it is that one big decorative ribbon is quite enough to decorate it. But if you wish, you can add small apples (artificial), ribbons and bows, dried Chinese lantern fruit, dried lemon and orange slices, cinnamon sticks, a bit of gold spray... 


  1. Divan vjenčić od češera si napravila,ja ih isto uvijek sakupljam i divan je detalj u dekorativne svrhe...veliki ti pozdrav:)

  2. I'd certainly like one of those to hang on my door. You're so artistic!

  3. Odlično si skoristila češere i napravila od njih divne ukrase za stol, sve pohvale Kalipso!

    Lijep pozdrav iz Rijeke:)

  4. Oh, love the wreath. We have several pine trees on our acreage. I should make a wreath.

  5. That would cost a fortune to buy it looks great

  6. Excellent! And so easy, too. We usually think of pine cone wreaths as a Christmas wreath, but I like how you have turned it into an autumn wreath.


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