Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Planting New Roses

English rose 'William Shakespeare'
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Monday was not  the perfect day for garden work but, I had to plant roses and some trees that arrived on Friday. The rain was drizzling and by the time I finished my work, I was quite wet. Besides my five new rose bushes I planted the Japanese Persimmon (Diospyros kaki) and Japanese ornamental cherry 'Royal Burgundy'. 'Kaki apples' as we call Japanese Persimmon here are one of my favourite fruits. The cherry 'Royal Burgundy' is a cultivar with double pink flowers and red foliage.

Prunus 'Royal Burgundy'
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As for the roses, there is a nice story about them this year. For almost ten years I buy my roses at 'Virag' rose nursery. They have a nice choice of roses and excellent plants with three strong branches and well developed roots. Autumn is the best time to plant the roses and delivery always come about this time of the year. Roses are delivered bare roots and need to be put in a bucket of water for a day prior planting. I did it this time too and finished planting my new roses on Monday.

English rose 'Jude the Obscure'
Image credit: Camissonia's Corner

On Tuesday, I was really puzzled about the parcel I had to take up on the post office coming from the rose nursery. The roses I ordered are already planted, what could it be? I picked up my parcel; did not have to pay anything for it. And, at home, a big surprise! I was one of the three winners this year on the contest that Mr. Virag, the owner of the rose nursery, organizes for the second year in the row! It is called 'Our roses in your gardens' and all I had to do is to send the photographs of the roses I bought in his nursery. So I did but, could not even dream to win. Mr. Virag generously sent eleven roses that are yet to be in a new catalogue.

English rose: 'Benjamin Britten'
Image credit: The Redneck Rosarian

I was delighted to get many of my favourite type of roses - English roses: 'Eglantyne', 'Jude the Obscure', 'Benjamin Britten', 'William Shakespeare' and 'Alnwick Castle'. I love English roses because of their usually strong scent, beautiful full flowers and resistance to diseases.
I got also 'Sally Holmes' (good for fences), 'Desire', ' Grand Gala', 'Paul Bocuse', 'Rock and Roll' and 'Caribia'. Well, I have some more planting to do these days but it will be a great pleasure to see them all in full bloom. I cannot wait!


  1. Congratulations on winning the competition! What a nice surprise. I notice that most of the roses have really good old English names... Have we seen the photos that won you the prize?

  2. Great pictures Kalipso and what a surprise to win the Roses. Bare rooted Roses often arrive in the month of December here in Scotland. Not a very pleasant job in Winter. I am adding a picture of your garden and a link to your site on my (Your Gardens) page. Let me know if you would care to have it removed.

  3. Divne ružice,zaista ne znam koja mi je ljepša..bit će divno kada ugledaš njihove prve cvjetove iduće godine..veliki pozdrav:)

  4. Congratulations on your new roses! I look forward to seeing them all in bloom. Your garden should be spectacular! By the way, I love to plant in a slight drizzle. There's no hot sun to damage exposed roots, and the extra moisture helps the plants to settle into their new home.

  5. What a brilliant surprise! I always choose roses for scent but lots of modern roses have no perfume.

  6. Thank you all. It was not one particular photo that won the prise bur all of them I have sent. As I say, I have been buying roses there for ten years and have over 50 bushes by now. They are all so beautiful. You can see my photos under the label 'roses' here on my blog.
    Alistair, thank you very much indeed. I am amazed by the garden you create in a rather cold Scotland.

  7. Hooray for you!! I also received some roses for free as a suprise this fall! I also have William Shakespeare and just added Jude the Obscure to my garden this month! It has a wonderful fragrance.


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