Thursday, 20 October 2011

Preparing Garden for Winter

The last week was ideal for gardening. We had some rain, just enough to water the plants after the summer drought and make the soil ideally wet for digging and hoeing. Even though many of ornamental plants were still flowering, I have decided to prepare my garden for winter. Days are still warm but mornings started to be cold and frosty and many plants got frost bites.
So, what were/are my winter preparation tasks?
1. Regular removal of leaves from the lawn. There are tons of it!
2. Cutting off the frost damaged plant leaves.
3. Hoeing and digging accompanied with weeding.
4. Dividing overgrown perennials - Hosta, Geranium, Carex, Miscanthus, some Hemerocalises.
5. Planting newly purchased plants and trees.
6. Mowing the lawn for the last time this year.
7. Finishing filling in the compost heaps and covering them with old newspaper.
8. Weeding the vegetable garden, picking up the last of the crop, sowing corn salad and planting onion bulbs for early spring crop.
9. Planting new rose bushes. They are: 'Elfe', 'Gold Monica', 'Melody Perfume', Schneewaltzer', and 'James Galway'.

The frost finally damaged all the plants in the vase at the house entrance. Among other plants, there were two Ipomoeas planted in the vase. It is a plant from the Convolvulaceae family, a relative to Morning glory. These had no flowers this year but I love their green an purple foliage. As I removed the dead foliage and stems, and started to dig in the earth I pull out several tubers that Ipomoes produce! I had some the last year too but they did not keep up until Spring. Funny thing is that these purple tubers came from the plant with green foliage.

 Ipomoea batata  (sweet potatoe) produces orange tubers that are edible. I wonder if these are edible as well? Mark, what do you think?


  1. Kalipso, I have no idea about the edibility or otherwise of those tubers! They do look very like Sweet Potatoes, but I wouldn't risk eating them. I'd store them in a frost-free place for planting next Spring.

  2. Tvoj vrt je prekrasan Kalipso, kao oni stari elegantni vrtovi iz Engleske, rado bih se našla u njemu i uživala u svim tim divnim bojama.

    Lijep pozdrav i svrati na čaj:)

  3. Ipomea tubers? surprising and interesting.

  4. Mark, thank you for the opinion; that's what I think too. Though, these ornamental plants are only the cultivars of Ipomea batata with edible tubers.

    Hvala Zondra; možda te nekad nanese put i do mene...

  5. I always err on the side of caution about what I eat - better safe than sorry!

  6. Zista vrt ti je iz snova,totalno po mom ukusu uređenja vrta,ali zasigurno koliko puno traži pažnje toliko ti višestruko uzvraća ljepotom...veliki pozdrav:)


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