Saturday, 8 October 2011

Rain At Last!

The rain came silently to my town. But, in most parts of Croatia, this weather change made lots of troubles. The  storms struck coastal parts of Croatia as well as some inland regions. Unfortunately, four people died when a thunderbolt stroke a house. In some regions heavy rain flooded the streets. The rain came accompanied by the strong wind that broke trees and posts. In Dubrovnik region, several wind whirls formed over the see but did not struck the land. And, in mountain regions the snow covered the ground.

I know it is a bad thing bud tornado simply impresses me!
As I said, the weather change in my town was not so dramatic. The rain came down slowly and fell silently for several hours. The wind was no so strong. The ground is now wet, and I am going prepare the garden for winter starting on Monday. It  means, I will do some digging and remove all weeds and dead and dried plants. 

I covered one of my compost heaps with thick layer of old newspaper.

The wind shook down lots of walnuts yesterday and I collected one full sack of them this afternoon! This is the third sack this season, quite a good crop! Now they need to be placed in airy space to dry. But, not at all on the attic where they were last year. I could not sleep of the squirrel (or dormouse, I don't know really) making noise by rolling the walnuts over the wooden floor boards on the attic in the night! 

Today is sunny again though, noticeably colder that it was two days ago. For most of us, it was a certain temperature shock, especially for mountain regions where the air temperature dropped down to zero. The woods were immersed  in fog this morning, still more green than red and yellow. But, I think, the Autumn is finally showing it's real face and soon I expect the riot of colours.


  1. Just checking if my comment box works...

  2. Napokon je stigla jesen u pravom smislu,kiša,vjetar,hladnoća..sve to opet ima svoju čar..tebi želim uspješan radni tjedan u vrtu,vjerujem da ima puno poslova koje treba napraviti...veliki pozdrav:)

  3. So it's not just me that had trouble leaving a comment then... Blogger has been up to its old tricks again.
    What are you planning to do with all those walnuts? Three sacks sounds like a lot!

  4. Mark, I will give some walnuts to my family members and the rest will be used for making cakes and cookies.

  5. Glad that you got it working again. What a treat picking walnuts - that bag would have cost a small fortune to buy here.

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