Thursday, 24 November 2011

Twig Stars 2

I finally have finished decorating my twig stars. I thought, this primitive hearts, bows and stars in county style will suit the best to this twig stars.

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Popcorn balls

As I love vintage Christmas, I made these Christmas tree ornaments with a vintage look. It is really cheap and (also important to me) Earth friendly ornament made of popcorns. I used old plastic ball ornaments and decorated them with a round picture and popcorns. I also added some shiny pearls for a festive look. The pictures can be find on Internet under the search 'Victorian Christmas' or 'vintage Christmas' or you can use the motives from the paper napkins. When you collect all of these, the only thing you need is patience!

Saturday, 19 November 2011

Ice Lace

Water crystallize in several forms and one of them is needle like crystal. For days, the air temperature has been below zero and these beautiful ice crystals have coated the garden in white lace...



This Berberis shrub has lacy gown as well.

Friday, 4 November 2011

Busy Afternoons

lavender sachets

As I have already said to you, my intention is to take part in the following Christmas fair in my town. The time is passing by quickly when you do something and I am rather pleased with the job I did so far. There are other things I have to do but to make these things. For almost a month now, my afternoons, or better be said evenings, are very busy. It might look easy and simple to make these things but, actually, it requires some skill and it is really time consuming. Here I want to share some of my ideas.
I enjoy every thing I do. It is real fun to me but, I am also pretty serious about it. I want to have a really special stand that will pay attention of the visitors. The things will be for sale of course, and I want to offer potential buyers something unique, hand made and of good quality. I am still thinking about what price I will put on my ware. As always, when you buy things it seems expensive. But, anyone who makes these things knows how much materials, time and skill is needed to finish the product. And, it all starts with an idea - it should be taken into consideration too. I browsed the web in search of similar products and was amazed when I saw the prices. No way I could earn so much money here. I will keep the prices moderate, I know it is crisis, but I will certainly not undersell my work.

I have collected lots of natural materials to make the things I want: pine cones, plantain bark, twigs, different seed pods and follicles, walnuts, hazelnuts, peanuts, vines... I need them to make the wreaths and small table decorations. I recycle tin cans and use them as pots for flower decorations. Glueing some plantain bark, coconut fibres or twigs all around them will give them a natural look.

another pine cone wreath

Advent table decorations are usually made in a form of wreath but I tried something different and made this rectangle piece.

I made this boot is of chicken wire and filled it up with pine cones and walnuts. Then, I attached white painted twig wreath on the top and tackled in dried roses, hydrangea, pine cones, and other natural materials. The bow of raffia with a wooden star add some more interest to it. 

Gypsum is a very cheap natural material to make casts. Different moulds can be bought in all hobby-art shops. I decorated this one with motifs from paper towels.

 There is a great variety of cheap wooden boxes to be bought in big shopping centres. I painted them cram using acrylic paint and decorated them with decoupage technique. 

wooden boxes and chests

Pieces of fabric and tapes can be used to make tree decorations. I filled them with some cotton wool and added two spoons of dried lavender flowers. 

another lavender sachets

decoupage technique: small gift boxes

I covered the tin cans with plantain bark, added some raffia and a small pine cone wreath on top. There is a white candle in the middle, small wooden tree ornament and a bit of so called 'angel's hair' around the candle for the festive look.

I wanted this one in white, blue and silver to correspond with the white birch piece of wood I used instead of a pot. I added the white painted twig wreath, pine cones and blue candle. One blue bow holds the shiny blue tree ornament. 

An ordinary flower pot covered in coconut fibres holds the candle, small apples (I made them of salt dough), pine cones, some raffia bows, dried lemon slices, a wooden star and plantain bark.