Monday, 26 December 2011

Where is the Real Winter?

Some of my home Christmas decor.

Well, there was no white Christmas this year. At least not in my part of Croatia. Where are those winters when we had to dig a tunnel through the snow to get out of the house? It was more like the end of the winter days; sunny, 6°C and the first snowdrops coming out of the ground.
We, who live in the world temperate zone are accustomed to seasonal changes. But, somehow, there is no 'real' winter anymore. I miss snow. Not only because that wonderful winter atmosphere but because it is an important natural protection from frost and cold in the garden. In Spring, melting snow brings moisture to the ground and now we have to pray for some rain.

I made a round in my garden. I fought my neighbor's chickens again! They ate all of my winter lettuce! Thanks god they cannot reach these beautiful curled kale 'heads'. I hate to fight with people, but these chickens are really too much! And, my neighbor doesn't seem to do anything about my complains.
Kale keeps very well. I really admire the lovely bluish-black colour of kale 'Black Tuscany'. Both, the blue and the curly one are beautiful decoration in the vegetable garden.

'Black Tuscany'

'Dwarf Curled'


I have a new book to read: Permaculture - A beginner's Guide by Graham Burnett. I am really interested in it cause I like working with nature.


  1. Can you not complain to your local Council about your neighbour's chickens?

  2. We seem to be having a mild winter, too, here in Northern Colorado, but no bulbs poking through yet and a bit of old snow on the ground. I suppose you could complain about the chickens. They could end up in stew pot. Happy New Year Kalipso.

  3. A stew pot was my idea too, Ann! Yes, I suppose I can complain to my local Council but, I don't think they will do something bout it too. They always seem to have 'more important'jobs to do...


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