Sunday, 29 January 2012

My town, part II

I did not take new photographs of my town because the days were cloudy and  pretty dark. But, I continuously make pictures of every thing that happens and changes in my town and made a pretty large file of them so far. So, take a walk with me and see what is renovated after the 1991. war destruction.

This old villa hosts the spa management today.

The train station

The town municipal building.

One of the spa buildings, so called Marble Baths.

Hot water spring pavilion in the town park.

to be continued...

PS.  The town horticulture is at it's lowest ever!


  1. You have smome very smart- (and tidy) looking buildings. If only the sky here was as blue as in your photo of the train station!

  2. You town looks homey and comfortable, a place I'd like to visit.

  3. Koje krasne zgrade,ovaj paviljon u parku je zbilja divan,prekrasan gradić,rado bih te jednom posjetila!

  4. I do enjoy having a nosey around where other folks live. Gorgwous buildings especially the Marble Baths.

  5. Thanks for the tour. I like the architecture of your town...beautiful! Thanks for sharing!


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