Monday, 2 January 2012

New Year is Ahead

One of the presents I got - a candle holder.

Yet another year is ahead us; another set of 366 days (this is the leap year!) to do wonderful things and try not to think about bad ones. I hope you have spent this holidays with friends and family, got the presents you want, danced a bit, smiled a lot and slept well when the curtains have closed.
Our homes are still in the festive mood and it will be so until Epiphany when, traditionally, the Christmas tree finishes it's performance and all the decorations go back into the boxes until next Christmas time.

This Christmas my tree was all in red and gold. 

There was just only one thing that I missed this Christmas - snow. I had fun chatting with a friend of mine who lives in Australia. She spent Christmas on the beach in the wave of heat that struck them down under. They never see snow for Christmas anyway. Isn't it funny this world of ours? 

It's been year and a half since I wrote my first blog post. Thank you all who visited my blog and left the comments. I really appreciate it. I am looking forward to reading your new posts too. All the best wishes in the following year and - see you or, better be said, read you soon!


  1. Happy New Year, Vesna! Your Christmas tree decorations look lovely - but where are the chillis??

  2. Mark, all chillis are on your tree! I love it!

  3. NO snow here but for that I am glad. The snow is pretty but it soon becomes dirty and makes driving dangerous so on balance I'm glad for the mild weather - even if it is miserable.

  4. Divne dekoracije Vesna,sve mi se sviđa od detalja...samo se nadam da će nam se i prava zima ukazati,iako su blagdani već prošli,malo snijega ne bi škodilo..veliki pozdrav!

  5. Your festive photos are so beautiful. It seems you had a wonderful Christmas. Happy new year!

  6. Hello!
    You have a very very nice blog!
    Have a nice weekend and take care...


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