Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Waiting for the Spring to Come

Yesterday afternoon the plumber came to fix the broken pipes under the kitchen sink. As he entered he asked me all amazed if these were artificial snowdrops in my entrance garden. I laughed and he could not believe it how early they came to flower. I have them on this particular spot every year at this time and think, it must be some warm water stream passing somewhere in the ground. The whole town lies on the hot water streams.
Once upon a time my town was a well known spa, good enough for 'keiser' Franz Ferdinand (no, not the pop group!) to come for a visit. Today, most of the beautiful spa and hotel buildings wait the renovation and dream about the glorious past. The whole building complex was set into the large park, partly designed in baroque style and partly as English woodland.
Down there is one of the oldest photographs, probably taken a hundred years ago. These people sit before so called 'Kursalon' (spa) building. We still use the German words for the buildings as we were part of Austrian monarchy at the time.

image credit: skyscrapercity

Kursalon on the old postcard. 
(image credit: skyscrapercity)

Kursalon as well as Wandelbahn (Promenade) were built in neo-baroque style as well as the gardens around them. 
This is what have left of them after the 1991 war. Unfortunately, nothing has changed until today!

image credit: skyscrapercity

Let's make a tour now and see how it all looked like before...

image credit: skyscrapercity

Can you imagine a street with no asphalt on? This is the street where I live. It was filled with such a large villas with rooms for the guests.

Another parterre garden...

Pavilion, 1912. - it is the hot water spring there.

Wandelbahn, the covered promenade.

Well, I am going to take the pictures of these sites tomorrow so you can see how they look like today.
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  1. Snowdrops so early! fantastic. Franz Ferdinand, oh not the British pop group, I love to look in on this site, helps with my education.

  2. Snowdrops so early! fantastic. Franz Ferdinand, oh not the British pop group, I love to look in on this site, helps with my education.

  3. Dear Kalipso, At first I thought your snowdrops were just early because of the weird winter we are experiencing. How lovely that you get them this early every year. This is such an interesting posting - I love old postcards. Look forward to the next edition ... P. x

  4. Lovely snowdrops. I do know that there are lots of varieties of snowdrop so maybe your are naturally early flowering - my sister's are flowering now but ours are just in bud

  5. Visibe su prekrasne! Zar ih već ima u tvom vrtu, majko mila ova klima je totalno poludjela? :)
    Nije ni čudo s obzirom fda nam je zima ove godine sve samo ne zima:)

    Hvala ti na prekrasnoj šetnji starim Lipikom kroz ove divne vintage fotografije!

  6. I ja sam se oduševila visibabama,kod mene ih još nema u vrtu,a ove stare slike Lipika su mi posebne,divno je vidjeti ih,hvala ti na tome!

  7. Wonderful snowdrops, funny about the plumber. :)

  8. Some plumbers just can't tell what is what, my plumber is a great gardener, he'd known they were real. Really nice patch of snow drops too, ours have buds, but only 3 I planted about 20 2 years ago.

  9. Prije par dana sam posjetila tvoj grad, vjerojatno i prošla ispred prozora. Posjetila sam lječilište i park kako bih fotografirala. Bila sam u prolazu i ostala sam zapanjena ljepotom. Nisam znala da imamo takvu ljepotu i bogatstvo. No, duboko me rastužilo neobnovljeno šetalište, glazbeni paviljon i okolica. Upravo o tome pišem na svom blogu. Na tvoj blog sam naišla u potrazi za razglednicama kako je nekada izgledalo ... svim dragim Lipičanima želim snage i dobru volju u želji za obnovom i vraćanjem staroga sjaja i ljepote.


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