Sunday, 19 February 2012


I popped up to some blogs today - Mark's and Alistair's for example, and saw the first signs of Spring in their gardens. People, I am envious of your Spring blooms! All I can see through my windows is snow. But, it started to melt today, maybe it won't be long before I see snowdrops and crocuses too.
Nights are still cold and ice captures grass, branches, fruits...


  1. Brrrrr. It's still cold here but not as cold as it is with you.

  2. Koje čarobne fotkice,divno!

  3. Those are really cool photos you've captured. Hope it warms up a bit.!

  4. Wow, those leaves encased in ice, I have never seen such a thing. Thank you so very much for linking to my site. ps- blogger is making it very difficult to make out the lettering proving one is not a robot.


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