Friday, 3 February 2012


The real winter finally came to me. The snow has covered the garden, which is good. The cover will keep the plants protected from the cold. And, it is cold indeed. The temperature doesn't rises above - 7°C during the day. The Siberian cold front did not hit Croatia as much as other neighbouring countries heading east. They freeze on - 33°C!
The snow is falling all over the Croatian coast too, which is rarity. Even the sea has frozen on some places. 
I am glad I did not clear the flowers bed clean last Autumn. The snow look nice on tall Sedums, sedges, and ornamental grasses. 


Miscanthus panicles

Liriope's evergreen leaves under the snow.

According to the long term weather forecast, I'll have to wait for at least one month to work in the garden. Meantime, I make new layouts and plans and write 'to do list' for the next gardening season.


  1. What beautiful photos! I especially like the Miscanthus one. Here we have temperatures of about -5C, but no snow at present. I'm glad I do not live in Poland or Russia. The News is reporting that over 200 people have died there because of the cold.

  2. You have right, Mark. many people died of cold, mostly homeless. Funny thing is snow along the coastal area of Croatia. Children are thrilled!

  3. After a really mild January, we are have a storm too. Not quite as bad as the rest of the state, but cold, windy, and about 3 inches on the ground. Stay warm.

  4. Snow is forecast for us today BRRRRR


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