Friday, 16 March 2012

Am I Not a Beauty?

Last Saturday I went shopping to nearby town Daruvar. I always go there on Saturday because Saturday is a market day. And I mean a traditional market with stands filled with goodies. Besides food and textile, there are numerous stands with flowers. At this time of the year the offer is limited on the first spring flowers: hyacinths,  primroses, ranunculus and so on.  I could not resist not to buy some flowers. Isn't it beautiful, this lovely Ranunculus?

I used to plant them in the rock garden but, they look nice in planters as well. I put the pot into an old mug and added a bow. I also bought one Hyacinth and re-potted it in a metal container.

Every morning, when I step into the kitchen, they bring smile on my face...


  1. That ranunculus is a beautiful color! I thought it was a rose at first.

  2. Obožavam ranunkulus,jako su mi lijepi,baš si krasno izdekorirala i zumbul..prekrasni proljetni detalji:)

  3. Like Spurge, my first thought was how like a Rose the Ranuncula is. Everyone loves a traditional market, especially the outdoor ones.


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