Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Cleaning the Garden Shed

What a mess!

Does your garden shed looks like this every Spring? Well, it was the time to take out garden furniture (I have already mailed my friend that the outdoor coffee season is opened!) and clean the shed. Armed with a bucket full of water and a rug I started to wash the dust away from the shelf and every single thing that I found in my shed. 

It took me two and a half hours to finish the job but I am so happy now! I even washed the windows. To my  great surprise, there was not a single mice trace in it and not as much dust as I expected it to be.  

Cleaning the shed was a good opportunity to sort out old seed packages, plant labels, working gloves, tools and other things. Old tin can are ideal to organize e.g. plant labels, dibber, scissors and other small tools. 

I use small strawberry crates as a drawers to store twines, gloves, bags, secateurs...

The sun was slowly coming down when I finished the cleaning but, it does look much better, doesn't it?


  1. A job that is waiting to be done on the plot!

  2. It looks perfect to me. Great job.

  3. Great work, I like it!


  4. Well done! It didn't look that bad really... You are very tidy person!

  5. Your are ready to get down to business now. We straightened our garden shed this weekend too. It doubles as a hen house. Half gardening stuff half hen house, so it gets really dusty from the hens. We are ready to plant as soon as the weather warms.

  6. I love the look of your garden shed! Mine will be several months before I can get to it!
    Found you from Nely's.

  7. Savršeno si sve sredila,i kod mene je ovih dana bio takav posao..pozdrav i ugodan ti vikend:)

  8. Garden sheds are very useful and will also make your garden look more wonderful if you will be creative in designing. I love your work.

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