Thursday, 1 March 2012

Counting the Damages

Unlucky kale

I do hope so - the winter is over. A few sunny days we had recently were good to rise up the mood and get out into garden. No, I haven't worked in it at all. It is still too dump, I would only make more damage to soil. I simply made an inspection to see what could not survive this rather cold winter month.

First: the ivy on the fence - which is rather surprising because it takes cold very well. Now I truly see how cold it was. It will take some time for new leaves to grow again, but now it really looks awful.

Second: Honeysuckle and the rose 'Felicite Perpetue'; they will need fair cutback. 

Third: The Japanese Spindle; this small bush is completely  brown but, the leaves will grow again. That's about all of the damage I noticed (besides that poor kale on the first photo!). Not much. And, it is not all black as it seems - snowdrops are everywhere.

The first garden task this weekend will be cutting the Wisteria to two buds. It is the right time to do it.


  1. Kada vidim ove tvoje prekrasne visibabe,zaboravim na sve štete koje je donijela zima biljkama,oporavit će se to sve:)

  2. It really must have been bad to do that to ivy!

  3. Winter just isn't pleasant for gardeners. Spring is just weeks away. At least you have the snowdrops. They are pretty.

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  5. Your Ivy certainly did take a hammering. Good to see the cheery snowdrops though.


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