Saturday, 24 March 2012

The First Spring Days

Browsing through my Google reader list and reading the blogs I follow, I was amazed how green are the gardens in some other parts of the world and how many spring flowers and shrubs are in full bloom. I guess, the winter behind us was rather shocking for the plants in my garden. For years we have mild winters and this one was really harsh - just as it is normally supposed to be in the continental climate.
Anyway, the very first spring flowers such as Snowdrops and crocuses are slowly vilting and hyancinths and daffodils are coming out. 
Wood anemones and hellebores are blooming at the moment.

What I've been doing in the garden these days? Mostly pruning: shrubs, roses, wisteria... And, cleaning: shed and the potting area. Soon it will be time for sowing the seeds outdoors. All the pots and trays should be clean and disinfected.  
I must admit, the weather is rather tiring warm and I don't have much fun working in such conditions. We still miss the good rain shower. And, the weather predictions for the following summer are not promising - even warmer the last one and dry too!


  1. those wood anemones are so delicate and lovely!

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