Tuesday, 20 March 2012

No Dig Vegetable Garden

Vegetable garden in 2007. No garden shed!

I started to loosen the soil in my veg garden yesterday. As you know, my vegetable garden has eight 2 x 1.5 m beds, each of them being surrounded by the old brick paths. For those who doesn't know it, please pop up here.
Years ago I have decided not to dig the earth any more but only to fork the soil. I use sturdy garden fork for the purpose. It took some time for the soil to change the structure into loose, crumble like mass.
Firstly, I started to use mulch. I never leave the soil uncovered except in Spring when it needs warming up.
Secondly, I use compost as mild fertilizer and mulch as well.  These two actions were enough for the soil in my veg garden to improve. Heavy clay or sandy soils are probably more needy and it is not so easy to change their structure.

All I do now is loosen the soil with the garden fork. Mulch also suppresses the weeds so I do not have to weed so much. After I finish loosening the soil I cover it with sieved compost. It is much darker than the original soil and it will worm up now quickly. Forking is only needed on the direct place or row where the vegetable seed will be sown or seedling planted. There is really no need to fine tilt the whole vegetable bed.

Hay or straw make a good mulch. Here, there is the last year's kale.

There is also no need to fertilize the whole bed as well. I use pelleted organic fertilizer and just put a few pellets around the plants.

The same as above, last year! The shed is here.


  1. I know digging brings weeds seeds to the surface so not digging will cut down on this. Not something we can do on our really heavy clay soil.

  2. Prekrasan mi je tvoj vrt! Mogu samo zamisliti kako izgleda kasd sve zazeleni... divno!

    Lijep pozdrav!:)

  3. I like the no digging idea! I have clay soil so I have some major digging needed in some areas, but I've a few areas I've improved and require less digging which is great.

  4. Vrt ti je čaroban,uvijek to ponavljam:)

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