Saturday, 10 March 2012


A few weeks ago I got a parcel from my blogger friend. Among other goodies there was a sachet of pepper seeds. The cultivar is called 'Padron'. The name sounded Spanish to me and I was right. My Italian was good enough to understand what's written on the back side of the sachet. And it says: 'This is the typical variety of Galicia, Spain. It forms small elongated fruits. To be eaten fresh when green.' And that was all! What I wanted to know is if they are hot!

And so I did some Google search and found out that these peppers have quite a history.  They are the most famous product of Padron in Spain. They say: 'Os pementos de Padon, ons pican e outros non!' which means that some are hot and some are not! It is impossible to distinguish the hot pepper from mild. I guess, eating them will look like a Russian roulette. I also found out that in this region of Spain they are served fried with olive oil and coarse salt. About 15,000 kg of peppers are grown in Padron each year. And, of course, the 'Festa do Pemento de Padron' has been held since 1979. every first Sunday in August. The seeds are actually brought  from Mexico by monks.
Now I am going to sow the seeds indoors. I am already looking forward to the hot ones!


  1. Interesting! I've never heard of those peppers, thanks for sharing. I'm not sure I'd like to bite into one, not knowing if it's hot or sweet!

  2. Baš mi je drag ovaj post,i jako je zanimljiv,nadam se da ćeš biti zadovoljna i papričicama kada ih budeš imala:)

  3. I don't really do many hot peppers because we don't use them in much but I did find your post interesting. I like learning about varieties that I knew nothing about before.

  4. Dear Vesna, I don't grow hot peppers, but maybe I should. P. x


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