Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Pretty Coloured Sticks

I simply adore the trees and shrubs with bright coloured stems. I have Cornus alba 'Sibirica' in my garden and love to see it in winter; its bright red stems against the white snow. 
Going for a walk some two weeks ago, I noticed in one garden a beautiful willow with red-orange curly branches! I once had Salix matsudana (curly wilow) in my garden but the branches were green.
The owner was outside and I mentioned how lovely the willow looks. And she gave me four cuttings! I only put them in the water and after a few days the first buds appear. Willow is really easy to propagate from cuttings.

There are also a lot of  root buds and I will pot the cuttings soon. The cutting may be inserted in soil immediately after taking them; I only did not have any sterile compost at the time to do it. The willow grows pretty fast and I expect it to form a shrub within two years.
The other two yellow coloured cuttings belong to some shrub I found growing near the railway track. It looks like some Cornus to me. They have neither the leafs nor root buds formed but I only think this species need more time to root.

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