Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Prunus 'Royal Burgundy'

Planted last year in Autumn, this Japanese cherry flowers in my garden for the first time. It is only two meter high and it will take years  before I could enjoy the big cherry tree in full of it's glory but hey, the journey begins with the first step. Now it is in my garden and will watch it grow bigger every year. Even now it is a real beauty. Double pendulous pink flowers and burgundy red foliage makes it attractive all year round..

Friday, 20 April 2012

Garden Tour

Finally, I see some changes in my garden. Plants recover from frost that damaged their delicate first shoots. This Bindweed above finds its way through the railway sleeper decking and binds around the stool leg. I was sorry to remove it.
Dwarf tulips and daffodils as well as cushion plants in the rock garden are now in full bloom.

Small tulip 'Bright Gem' with blackish foliage of Ophiogopon planiscapus 'Nigrescens'

I estimate, vegetation is about two weeks behind this year in compare to the last one. Hopefully the frost will be no more. The red currant bushes are full of flowers.

red currant

As for the other bloomers, there are mostly violet/pink flowers contrasting the yellow ones.

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Naked Ivy

I am done with my ivy and this is what has left of my green ivy fence. As I have already said, I do hope that the new shoots soon will appear. 
Thanks God it's been raining.  The gardener's life is never boring -  now I have another problem. The grass is already high and I cannot mow it because of the rain. The mower will be jammed under the cutting deck but what can I do...

Thursday, 12 April 2012

Busy Afternoon

I was cutting down the damaged ivy on the fence today. It was a tedious job since the fence is 22 m long. I did the half of it. I have several kinds of ivy on this fence and some of them look really good.  I wonder if it will be sprouting now from this bare thick wooden stems.

Besides the frost, the neighbouring cats love to be (read -pee) in my garden! I do love animals but I really have had it! Half of my cushion Phlox is dry and  Armeria as well. Each year I buy new plants for my rock garden and now they turned on my peonies. Any advice?

At least, peas don't mind a chill once they're up. It germinated nicely. Now I am going to cover the soil with dry grass or straw. Mark how dry the soil is. It is raining almost in the whole Croatia but not here! 

Primroses I planted last Spring look really beautiful. Usually, potted plants grown for a spring sale wilt quickly if kept in a house. But if you plant them in the garden, they will thrive.

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Frosty Mornings

Only a few days ago my Magnolias were full of flower buds. And, it took it only two cold frosty mornings to damage them. I feel really miserable. Everything in the garden is at least ten days beyond in compare to the last season and it comes out really slowly. And, these frosty mornings (it was -5°C this morning!) damaged the tender new leaves of perennials and flowers.

It is really unbelievable what frost can do!

Besides Magnolia, I have to cut down severely my ivy on the fence. I am afraid it is not only the frost damage because it started to yellow last summer. Maybe it was because a long period without rain and it only needs more watering. It can be really frustrating when plants that need years to mature and reach the wanted size suddenly deteriorate!
As I am now only moaning in this post,  I will tell you that the roses had to be cut down almost to the ground (all of them!) where, thanks God, new shoots appeared.

Sunday, 1 April 2012

Snow in April

Oh yes, snow in April is it is not a rarity. Yesterday 23°C, this morning 1°C... well, it is a rather great temperature drop. Most people have already sown the vegetables and flowers but not me. Now I am glad for it. I never rush with sowing because I know this changeable and moody continental climate. Besides, the soil needs to worm up before sowing. I have only sown the peas. Peas germinate on 4°C and don't mind the cold.

vegetable beds are ready

I must say, snow or rain, give us anything because we again have a long period o drought. The weather forecast for summer is not promising - drought and even higher air temperatures than they were the last summer. Without some serious rain period we will face the water reductions which is also announced by our water supplier.

The spring flowers are finally blooming. I love the colour of Muscari.

'Tahiti' daffodil