Thursday, 12 April 2012

Busy Afternoon

I was cutting down the damaged ivy on the fence today. It was a tedious job since the fence is 22 m long. I did the half of it. I have several kinds of ivy on this fence and some of them look really good.  I wonder if it will be sprouting now from this bare thick wooden stems.

Besides the frost, the neighbouring cats love to be (read -pee) in my garden! I do love animals but I really have had it! Half of my cushion Phlox is dry and  Armeria as well. Each year I buy new plants for my rock garden and now they turned on my peonies. Any advice?

At least, peas don't mind a chill once they're up. It germinated nicely. Now I am going to cover the soil with dry grass or straw. Mark how dry the soil is. It is raining almost in the whole Croatia but not here! 

Primroses I planted last Spring look really beautiful. Usually, potted plants grown for a spring sale wilt quickly if kept in a house. But if you plant them in the garden, they will thrive.


  1. Cat's can be such a nuisance in the garden - have you tried sprinkling pepper around the plants. Otherwise can you push some short sticks (prickly if possible) in amongst the plants so that it isn't as comfy to sit on.

  2. Mačke u vrtu.. o kako su mi napravile štetu,svaki dan se mučim s njima..koja divna boja tulipana,zbilja predivno:)

  3. Your garden looks great. Love those bright tulips! Cats can be a nuisance but at least they help to keep the rodents away.

  4. That is quite some length of fence which you have. As for cats, I would recommend getting your own one. They are so territorial, other cats will be chased away and your one will be so proud of his garden he will do his business in your neighbours untidy plot.


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