Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Frosty Mornings

Only a few days ago my Magnolias were full of flower buds. And, it took it only two cold frosty mornings to damage them. I feel really miserable. Everything in the garden is at least ten days beyond in compare to the last season and it comes out really slowly. And, these frosty mornings (it was -5°C this morning!) damaged the tender new leaves of perennials and flowers.

It is really unbelievable what frost can do!

Besides Magnolia, I have to cut down severely my ivy on the fence. I am afraid it is not only the frost damage because it started to yellow last summer. Maybe it was because a long period without rain and it only needs more watering. It can be really frustrating when plants that need years to mature and reach the wanted size suddenly deteriorate!
As I am now only moaning in this post,  I will tell you that the roses had to be cut down almost to the ground (all of them!) where, thanks God, new shoots appeared.


  1. So sad Kalipso! But don't worry, there are sure to be warm days and fresh new flowers ahead. It is cold here too - we are paying now for that early warm spell we had.

  2. What a shame! It's a lovely colour too Wind spoiled our magnolia flowers but at least we had flowers.

  3. oooh poor magnolias...I can imagine how sad they look right now. :( I was looking at my orchard today, all of the blossoms are brown from cold and we didn't even have so cold mornings like in Slavonia :/ stupid weather :(

  4. The frost damage to your beautiful Magnolia is so sad. These things happen unfortunately.

  5. Dear Kalipso, How devastating! I am so sorry. P. x

  6. What a shame about your magnolia! It would be such a beauty! The weather is really eratic this spring... I am sure that the ivy will regrow it is tought enough.


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